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Console unit tests runner
This small tool is created to do simple thing - run nunt tests in parallel. It is mostly compatible with the standart nunit and can generate valid reports. Can be used to calc code coverage with PartCover or etc.
Also it can display progress for teamcity.
This tool is a part of the project. TBox contains UI runner.

To run, you should specify at least 1 parameter: path to unit tests (multiply separated by space).
Other parameters:
-p=N - specify process count, by default N = cpu cores count
-clone - clone unit tests folder, by default false
-copyMasks=a;b - file masks to copy, by default =.dll;.config
-sync - enable sync for unit tests, by default false
-dirToCloneTests=path - folder to clone tests, by default %temp%
-commandBeforeTestsRun=exePath - command to run before execute tests, but after it clone , by default empty
-startDelay=N - delay before test starts, by default 0
-prefetch - use test run time statistic to optimize tests separation, by default false
-teamcity - teamcity inteagration: will show test progress, by default false
NUnit compatible arguments:
/include=a1;a2 - include only tests with specified categories
/exclude=a1;a2 - exclude all tests with specified categories
/xml=path path for xml report, by default empty
/output:path path for tests output, by default empty
/labels Label each test in stdOut, by default false
/noshadow Do nothing (for now)
/nologo Do not display the logo, by default false
/help Display this page
/wait wait for input key after at the end, by default false

console unit tests runner.png

32bit nunit works much more faster than x64.

You can install this tool via single command:
cinst nunit.parallel

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